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[ Karlo & Tina ] Intimate Sparta NJ Wedding, New Jersey Wedding Photographer



[ Jamie ] – New York Portrait Photographer

[ Karen & Carlo ] Brooklyn Engagement, New York Wedding Photographer

[ Grace & Eric ] Battery Gardens Wedding, New York Wedding Photographer

Venue: Battery Gardens , NYC

Florist: Carroll’s Florist, Staten Island

Entertainment: Lifetime Entertainment

Makeup Artist: Adinah Lagud

Hair Stylist: Larissa DeJesus

Special thanks to Stephen Esguerra for lending a hand and his talent.

Stephen Esquerra

Stephen Esquerra

Stephen Esquerra

Stephen Esquerra

Stephen Esquerra

Stephen Esquerra

Stephen Esquerra

Stephen Esquerra

Stephen Esquerra

Stephen Esquera


Felice Gonzales - April 26, 2014 - 3:24 am

Love these; you guys captured the best moments =)

Joji Ganaban - April 24, 2014 - 11:25 pm

Love, love, love them all!!!

Joji Ganaban - April 24, 2014 - 11:24 pm

So beautiful!!

Paulina Jerzak - April 24, 2014 - 4:44 pm

These pictures are so beautiful! Ate Bamb
i you looked so stunning and Eric so happy haha <3

Susan A Tenorio - April 23, 2014 - 12:50 am

Jeniel you are simply the best. I love how your photos captured the love and happiness of Eric and Bambi's Wedding day :)

Grace Villamater Sanvictores - April 22, 2014 - 9:18 pm

GORGEOUS!!!! Too many choose which are my favorites! I love how you told this story!

[ Michael & Jennifer ] Moshulu Wedding, Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Day of Coordinator: Zenobia Hargust of The Event Boutique

Mua/Hairstylist: Bella Angel

Ceremony: Chinese Christian Church and Center

Venue: Moshulu

Florist: Carl Alan Florist

Entertainment: Adam Weiner – VIP Entertainment

Special thanks to Stephen Esguerra for lending a hand and his talent.




Jenn Liu - April 9, 2014 - 8:54 pm

I love these photos! Cannot stop looking at them over and over again. It’s nice to see all the moments I could not have during the day (like my maid of honor stuck in the button!)

Jeff Liu - April 9, 2014 - 3:08 pm

Wow, nice pictures, like them all.

Laura Santoski - April 9, 2014 - 8:52 pm

The photos capture how beautiful the day was so perfectly! Really really wonderful.

Jenn Liu - April 9, 2014 - 1:41 pm

I love these photos! Jeniel and Stephen did an amazing job capturing our day and working with us throughout. We are incredibly happy to have had them there.

I cannot stop looking at these photos over and over again. They capture my feelings perfectly, and even give me a chance to see things I did not catch during the day (children running on the ship, pastor praying with the rings etc.).

Thank you for giving us something to always remember our day.

Pongo Twistleton - April 9, 2014 - 12:18 pm

mother of crap these pics are beauties! sound the trumpets!!!

Lauren Camper - April 9, 2014 - 5:50 pm

These photos are amazing! Zenobia and I were so excited to work with such an beautiful couple.

[ Luke & Ishael ] The Highlawn Pavilion, New Jersey Wedding Photographer


Ceremony: Global Harvest Fellowship, Bayonne NJ

Venue: Highlawn Pavilion

Entertainment: Lifetime Entertainment



Diane Robbins - April 14, 2014 - 11:26 am

Beautiful pictures!

Mila Rafer-Balce - April 13, 2014 - 2:14 pm

Praise the Lord for this couple, definitely God’s design! Beautiful and unique pictures! We need more, where are the flower girls? and more group pictures? and father-daughter dance?

Salve Regina Gonzales - April 8, 2014 - 6:52 pm

It was a beautiful wedding!! I like all of the pics. Great job, Kuya Jeniel!

day - April 8, 2014 - 10:00 am

Congratulations & best wishes to bon & luke. nice pictures. definitely worth it.

Joel Anderson - April 7, 2014 - 11:48 am

Great memories of a great day. Thanks for letting us in on it!

Alvin Gonzales - April 6, 2014 - 4:20 pm

Awesome wedding!!! That last picture looks really cool! So many funny and memorable things happened. And go Jahmai go Jahmai go you got this!!! Haha!

Jordan Mary - April 6, 2014 - 9:38 am


Hasmin Balce - April 5, 2014 - 5:56 pm

Beautiful shots from different angles! Well done.

Carl Ekstrand - April 5, 2014 - 4:26 pm

Great photos!! Beautiful wedding, congrats!

addy & ritzy a. rafer - April 4, 2014 - 6:13 pm

Up! Up!in a way with floating balloons and loads of orchids.
Congratulations to loving couple. Greatly enjoyed the pictures
wishing we were there… Aloha with love.

Jewel - April 4, 2014 - 3:07 pm

Beautiful couple. Amazing day. AWESOME pictures <3

Pinky - April 4, 2014 - 3:57 am

Jeniel never fails to capture the magic of every event.It was wonderful to look at the pictures of Luke & Ishael.God bless.

Maivi Ann Vega - April 4, 2014 - 9:24 am

It's such a lovely wedding. The Lord be praised and may He be your guide as you go together in this new adventure! Yippeee! Congratulations! Would love to see you both here in Cambodia.

Jim E. Marino - April 3, 2014 - 11:18 pm

Marriage made in heaven, wonderfully recorded with these amazing pictures.

Bethel Grace Peralta Elgincolin - April 4, 2014 - 4:39 am

Gorgeous, absolutely beautiful pictures Kuya Jeniel!!

Becca Gonzales - April 4, 2014 - 12:36 am

Woooooow!!!! Its soo pretty! Loved it from beginning to the end.

Felice Gonzales - April 4, 2014 - 12:32 am

Love the pics!! Especially the last one . Awesome job, Kuya Jeniel!

Jose Dez Rafer - April 4, 2014 - 12:10 am

What a beautiful wedding that was! We love you both. Wonderful pictures :)

Jose Rafer - April 3, 2014 - 5:09 pm

What a beautiful wedding that was! We love you both. Wonderful pictures :) will be praying for you as you start this new journey.

Jose Rafer - April 3, 2014 - 5:05 pm

What a beautiful wedding it was! We love you both. Wonderful pictures :)

Mimi - April 3, 2014 - 4:13 pm

These photos are a work of art. The couple has these memories captured beautifully forever. We love Bon & Luke!!

Rhoda Joy S. Gabilo - April 3, 2014 - 11:01 pm


Lilet Mastelero - April 3, 2014 - 11:00 pm


Bituin Escarcha - April 3, 2014 - 10:43 pm

He's simply the best!

Louise Mary - April 3, 2014 - 9:47 pm

These photos are absolutely stunning- captures the day so well x x x

Joji Ganaban - April 3, 2014 - 9:20 pm

Outstanding job as always, Jeniel!

Kyle Norell - April 3, 2014 - 12:56 pm

Such an awesome wedding and these pictures are incredible! Thanks again for letting me be a part of your big day!

Flor Lam - April 3, 2014 - 7:36 pm

You did an amazing job Jeniel! Very well put together.

The Bride - April 3, 2014 - 12:22 pm

These pics look awesome! I especially like the one of Ate Grace. Haha. Thanks Kuya Jeniel. They came out amazing. Makes me want to get married again!

Ishael Joy - April 3, 2014 - 7:20 pm

These pics look awesome! I especially like the one of Ate Grace. Haha. Thanks Kuya Jeniel. They came out amazing. Makes me want to get married again!

[ Jennifer & Vince ] The Palace at Somerset Park, New Jersey Wedding Photographer


Ceremony: Rutgers Community Christian Church

Venue: The Palace at Somerset Park

Entertainment: Lifetime Entertainment

Special thank you to my friend Rafael Javier Photography for assisting and sharing his talent.



If you prefer the slide show version, Enjoy!


VinjoSarah Dela Rosa - March 29, 2014 - 5:44 am


Jaguars C-Team [ Game Face ]

 “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice 




One Frame – Simple one light portrait with James


F a c e b o o k   M e